The sunday meal

Sunday is a day of celebration in French Polynesia. It is the day when family members gather together to discuss, play music, sing and....EAT!

Food is a big deal in French Polynesia, everybody loves eating and sharing a meal. By tradition Sunday is the day of the typical Tahitian meal: Ma'a Tahiti.

In the early morning the market is assaulted to buy the best Pua'a Roti (Roasted pork), Firifiri and  the rest of the product composing the meal. Each guest brings something to add on to the table, so that there is enough food for everyone. The Tama'ara'a starts at mid morning and goes on all day  until dusk.

The typical Ma'a Tahiti is composed by many different foods. As mentioned before, we found on the top of the list the Pua'a Roti which is the main course, the Firifiri, Taioro, Poisson crus (Raw fish salad), Poulet Fafa, Sashimi, Mitihue, Taro, Uru, Po'e, Fafaru and of course coffee. I will explain all the food above and include some recipes in the next posts, but you can already see what all of this looks like in the picture I attached. 

Most important: you eat with your fingers.

The day goes on like this, eating, joking, singing and dancing, it is a great experience that you should definitely live during your stay in Polynesia.

What is the food that cannot miss to your Tama'ara'a?
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