Farerei Haga 2019

It is almost that time of the year, FAREREI HAGA time.

Like every year, also this year, the 3rd weeks of September rhymes with traditional sports competitions, percussions and dances.

This year festival, likewise, will last one full week. The opening ceremony will be held on Monday 16th of September at 5pm and the same day there will be a exhibition dance show organised by Rangiroa’s Tahitian and Hawaiian dance school: Turereura

Everyday there will be music and animation all day long, together with modern sports competition and, at 6.30pm, traditional sports/activities. At night, from 7.30pm there is a singing or instrument competition and child solo dancing competitions and every night at 8pm there is a dance performance.

For the first time, there will also be static free-diving competition and a speargun fishing competition

Many restaurants and snack available, all with the view on the dances.

At Va’a i te Moana we offer a free shuttle to attend the festival every night

See you at the public beach in Rangiroa for the FAREREI HAGA 2019

Andrea De RosaComment