Blue Lagoon

Heaven on earth!

Bird Tree

That is the best and the most accurate way to describe the blue lagoon.
White sand, Turquoise blue and always warm water will really make you feel in paradise.

The blue lagoon is also famous for being a black tips sharks nursery, but don't worry they are completely armless.

The day starts around 8.30 with a free pick up at Va’a I te Moana which will take you to the pier where you will board the boat. The boat has only six places, that make you feel very privileged as you will have to share your day with dozens of other tourists, but you will only be 6 people on the tour and on the island. The ride takes about 50min to the edge of the blue lagoon. The blue lagoon welcomes you with its blue water, this is a delicate part of the ride as the captain will slalom across the reef to get as close as possible to the land. Keep your eyes wide open for turtles swimming by.

A small walk and you are finally on your well deserved desert island!

Your guide, Manu, will brief you on the day while sipping on a fresh juice, then will take you for a walk to explore the island, which is far more than just a pretty beach. You will discover a big variety of endemic bird species, a wetland area where many crabs live and…the pink sands!

Baby Black Tips

Once back from the tour you will finally focus on what you came for…the blue lagoon and its baby black tips sharks. The blue lagoon is world know for being a black tips sharks nursery, so you’ll be sure to be able to get a few of them on the picture, but they are easily scared so they won’t let you approach them.

While you enjoy the warm water of the blue lagoon and you let your skin get kissed by Tuamotu’s sun, Manu will prepare the barbecue and the meal, that will then be served on the beach with the most amazing view.

Time to leave but before a stop to see the parents of the baby black tips and also a few lemon sharks. The bravest of you will enjoy swimming close to them and their sharp teeth.

After the ride back a last stop before calling it a day:  “The Aquarium”. 

This snorkeling site is a protected area with an incredible amount and variety of tropical fishes that make you feel like being on a giant aquarium. A name has never been so well chosen.

Blue lagoon drone