Welcome book, important informations about Rangiroa

We prepared a welcome book in three languages, English, Italian and French.

In this book are written all the essential information and some good suggestion for enjoying Rangiroa with all the best there is on offer.

We then thought that this booklet is a great help and it contains some information about important thing such as hazard and dangers in Rangiroa, so we really want our customer to read it. We know that people are really excited to be in Rangiroa and they don’t want to “waste time” in the bungalow reading a booklet, but want to be underwater exploring the reef and watching its colourful fishes. So we are gonna release a pdf version of the book here, so that they can read it while bored, on the long journey on the plane.

We also make it available to other visitors of Rangiroa that are not staying at Va’a I te Moana, as we think that everyone should be aware of some of the information shared in this book, which are not always mentioned in every accommodation.

Here a list of the content:

Emergencies Numbers
List of useful number for every visitor in Rangiroa and French Polynesia

A section which explains our bungalow, our services and some rules

Health and Safety
Important information about safety for all visitors of Rangiroa

Transportations options in Rangiroa

Eat n Drink
Va’a i te Moana drinking and eating facilities and options

A section about Rangiroa and what it has to offer, beaches, excursions, restaurants etc etc