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Rangiroa is world famous for its diving and sure enough diving in Tiputa Pass is something unique, but diving is far from being the only thing to do in Rangiroa. There are several whole day (or partial day) excursions taking you to places that can only be described as PARADISE.

The Blue Lagoon (pictured above) is a natural black tip shark nursery and you can snorkel in between baby sharks, the Reef Island is a rare landscape, with its 3m high volcanic reef creating natural swimming pool and reef maze, and the Green Lagoon a beautiful bay where you can spend a relaxing day with a Tahitian family, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and eating.

If you are not a diver you can still visit Tiputa Pass in a snorkeling excursion where the pass current will gently push you from the ocean into the lagoon, “Shooting through the pass”, you will be able to see the Tiputa Pass marine life from the top and maybe encounter our friendly dolphins. All under the supervision of an expert guide pulling a floating device, in case you want to hold into something.

Rangiroa is also unique in the world for being the only atoll to grow grape and sugarcane and to produce wine and rum, and yes, you can visit the wine cellar and do a local Wine-Rum Tasting. They are running on most nights of the week and are sure an unique experience.

Polynesia being the land of the tattoo, is first choice for getting a real Maohi Tatau. In Rangiroa there are great artists doing this since their youngest age. Nowadays they are all equipped with standard tattoo machines and they follow the strictest hygiene regulations. Plan ahead if you want to get a Tattoo as they are really busy. You can also have a real traditional one, if you are brave enough.

You can also hit the road along the ocean and feel the breeze and the sun while riding a Vespa or enjoying an electric four places cabriolet “E-Moke” . Rangiroa main island is a long stretch of Land of about 12km with Avatoru Pass and Tiputa Pass at the two ends. Many restaurants, shops, tourists landmarks, beaches and activities are dispatched along the road.

Bottlenose dolphins show off in Rangiroa

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Tahitian dance Rangiroa

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Free Activities

We also propose you free activities to keep you busy.

The most obvious is enjoying the bikes freely available to you for discovering the island of Avatoru and if you take the 5 min ride by taxiboat (300f) you can also visit the Tiputa Village.

The current on Tiputa Pass change from ingoing to outgoing every six hours. When the current is outgoing there are contrast waves on the Pass. That’s when the dolphins like to play and jump on the surf, making an entertaining free show. Best time for dolphins watch are early morning and late afternoon, when there are waves.

We will provide you with fishing line and hooks to fish like a local. Just stand on the pier with a fishing line and catch your dinner.

Tuamotu’s island are world famous for the black pearls. Rangiroa has a Pearl Farm organizing daily free visits to learn about how to produce black pearls and the different criteria for their classification. There are also several boutique selling pearls and selling souvenir from the Tuamotu’s. Great for fulfilling your shopping desire.

If you wish to get a deeper insight into the Polynesian culture, why not take a free introduction class to Toere, the traditional percussion, try strumming an Ukulele or learning a few Ori Tahiti steps to be able to perform in the next Tamara (Luau). If you are serious about it there is also a professional dance school on the island offering grouped or private classes.

Va’a i te Moana is getting known for its cuisine. We are proud to offer free cooking classes for our customer who booked directly on our website. The cooking class can only take place for dining customers.

Of course there are many more things to do in Rangiroa and we will be happy to talk to you more about it and reserves all activities needed during your stay at your arrival, for no charges or commissions.